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          Shipment Tracker

          Livingston tracker

          Livingston’s shipment tracking system allows you to locate and check the release status for your U.S. and Canada bound shipments.

          For U.S. bound shipments:

          PAPS Tracker

          Carrier coversheet

          For Canada bound shipments:

          PARS Tracker

          Carrier coversheet


          UPDATE: CN Rail strike

          UPDATE: CN Rail and Union (TCRC) have reached a tentative agreement.

          [Updated 11-26-2019]

          Track your shipments on the go!

          iPhone users visit the AppStore for the latest update of the Livingston Shipment Tracker App. Get SMS/email notifications for PAPS and PARS. Bookmark shipments to easily track shipments. Receive Push app shipment status to save on SMS costs. Use the Alerts icon to see border and system updates.

          [Post updated: 10-09-2019]

          If you’re interested in learning about our carrier services or to become a Livingston preferred carrier, please view our business process services?or contact us?to learn more.

          Track your shipments on the go!

          Mobile APP

          Introducing the Livingston Tracker App

          The Livingston Shipment Tracker App lets you quickly and easily check the clearance status of your shipments through the U.S. and Canadian borders on the go, keeping you informed of your shipment’s status no matter where you are!

          Download now!

          The Livingston Shipment Tracker App is available now. Click here to learn more about the app, or use the buttons below to download it on your platform of choice: